Supernanny DVD series season 1

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Jo Frost is Super Nanny, a British nanny with over 15 years of experience and specific techniques for dealing with virtually any situation. Super Nanny visits different families in this first season, and each family visit begins with Super Nanny's observation of how family members interact followed by a discussion with the parents about problems observed. Then Super Nanny takes charge and provides parents with concrete tools and solutions to issues like tantrums, disrespect, sleep problems, and mealtime battles. Virtually every solution begins with establishing a detailed household routine and employing a consistent discipline technique within the home. Concepts like timeout are illustrated very specifically; from the appropriate room, chair or mat to use for children of different ages to the optimum time of confinement and the parent's most effective use of body language and tone of voice. In dealing with sleep issues, the appropriate course of action for keeping a child in his own bed is to repeatedly return the child to bed until he falls asleep. Super Nanny shows real parents exactly where to sit, where to look, and how to stay the course to get their child to sleep, even in the face of their own extreme frustration and emotional and physical exhaustion. Super Nanny also addresses parental issues like communication, inequitable division of child rearing responsibilities, and conflicting perspectives on appropriate child behavior and discipline. 
I purchased them used and they don't appear to be original, but we watched them and they play perfectly. Also, the techniques for behavior modification are fantastic! Several episodes are contained in this three DVD series. It's best to text or call me as I'm frequently unable to check my emails for a week at a time. Call or text only. Emails will not be replied too. six three zero 688-6367

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